Student Property Advice & Consultancy

Expert Student Property Advice

If you’re looking to acquire student accommodation properties, we can help you assess potential purchases, evaluating the assumptions underlying your financial models against our wealth of knowledge and experience.

If you are buying new-build stock, we can liaise with developers on your behalf to ensure the product is delivered ready-to-let. Alternatively if the property you are acquiring is in need of refurbishment or intensive asset management we have a dedicated team who can manage the process, making sure that any expenditure is justified by the additional rental value you will receive over time.

Increasing Rental Income or Reducing Costs

You may have particular issues, whether as a lender to or the owner of a particular student accommodation property or portfolio, we can help. We have the practical, hands-on skills to make the best of the situation, whether by increasing rental income through active asset management or by improving operational efficiency to reduce costs. We will work hard to minimize your downside and protect your reputation in the process

Years of working in partnership with landlords and developers has given us the ability to add value at both a strategic and tactical level to any project. We can highlight potential issues that may cause difficulties with the future management of the building or property. This may include: On Site Estate Staff and 24 Hour Security, Fire Safety, the Management of Refuse and Recycling, Landscaping, Window Cleaning, Parking Strategy and the Management of Plant and Assets.