Galbraith Secure ©

Vacant Property Management

For the owners or custodians of vacant property, ensuring that the asset is secured is a difficult problem to solve and it will not be something you will have planned for.

With empty property, your main concern will be around potential loss of income, security, vandalism, crime, and asset value depreciation, what is required is to care for, protect and potentially restore your void property and to that end we have developed a service for such properties called Galbraith Secure ©.

Galbraith Secure have a fully comprehensive service to ensure that your Vacant property is secure.

Galbraith Secure © has extensive experience with:

  • Property and facilities management – We offer end-to-end solutions to property and facility management teams.
  • Commercial and residential letting agencies – We have a wide range of security and compliance solutions to help property agents maintain the value of their commercial and residential properties.
  • Residential and Commercial repossessions – If you need assistance with making a property vacant,we can help.
  • Construction – Whether it is a brand-new construction or refurbishment, we can keep properties safe from onsite theft and vandalism.
  • Private individuals – We have a selection of customised security solutions, such as steel fi ttings and alarms, to help you protect your asset from the minute it becomes vacant.

Our Services The fundamental core elements of our service are as follows:

  • Risk AssessWe offer a comprehensive free assessment to decide the level of service required.
  • Clear, Clean and SecureWe have a range of services to help you clear vacant property and are able to secure your vacant property usually within hours of your instruction.
  • Monitor and ProtectWe have a range of security solutions to monitor and protect your vacant property.
  • Maintain and PrepareWe can help prepare your property for reoccupation so that you can reoccupy or dispose of as soon as possible.
  • Generate IncomeWe all know that vacant properties cost money, but have you ever considered that your property could still generate extra income during vacancy?

Added Value

What are the benefits of Galbraith Secure?

  • Cost effective
  • Rapid installation
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Alarm response and property inspections
  • Secured By Design Accreditation by Associationof Chief Police Officers
  • Assists in discussions with insurers
  • Highly visible signageThe system is ideal for a variety of scenarios and property types including:
    • Empty commercial property
    • Large empty residential property
    • Vacant property being marketed for sale
    • Insolvency property and business assets
    • Complement additional security measures for targeted property